The Nimex Petroleum Group

The Nimex Petroleum Group was established in London in September 1990 as a trading company dealing in petrochemicals and petroleum products. Today, Nimex Petroleum has grown into a global trading organization with business presence across West, North & Central Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Having operated across the globe, Nimex benchmarks against international best practices in trading, trade finance, risk management and operations. With an eye on the future, we cultivate and train a young, active and diverse workforce who are challenged and trained to deliver value to our regional partners.

From 1990 to 1995 the majority of activity was focused on trading petrochemicals between Africa and the Middle East; servicing supply contracts with state-owned oil companies and private sector industrial customers. By 1995 Nimex had added Base Oils, Bitumen, Fuel Oil and Crude Oil to the physical portfolio.

Between 2003 and 2012, the company has traded more product than most of its contemporaries, with major markets in Africa, especially Nigeria. Volumes traded in Gasoline (PMS) exceeded 350,000 Metric Tons, Gasoil 400,000 Metric Tons; Jet Fuel was more than 280,000 Metric Tons, and Base Oils stood at 50,000 Metric Tons with peak figure of over 70,000 Metric Tons. The West African markets account for a larger portion of these volumes followed by Asia, North Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

The group boasts a world class, proven and young management team, with the desire to change the global trading landscape, who hail from qualified backgrounds of NOC’s, Majors and first class trading houses. Today’s Nimex Petroleum Group reflects the shareholders’ established vision to build a world-class organization that will remain competitive in ever-changing business
environments across the world.